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A solid business plan is required to obtain financing from venture capital sources.

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Need a Business Plan?

A good business plan can help you to obtain financing to exploit your invention.  More information about business plans may be found on other web sites indicated on our LINKS page.  Free software that is helpful to assist you in constructing a business plan is available on several web sites, such as www.planware.org/.

In short, a good plan will contain an Executive Summary, Business Description, Market Summary, Marketing Strategy, Operations Plan, and a Schedule for Deployment.  Resumes for key individuals may also be included.  In our opinion, a good plan is not longer than about 10 pages - less is better.  Be succinct, and carefully choose your words to obtain the most impact from the fewest words.  Repetition should be avoided.  A business plan is one document in which brevity is much more effective.

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