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Links of interest to all inventors
Inventor information sites Patent Search Sites
USPTO Independent Inventor Resource USPTO Patent Database  (use TIFF viewers below to see Figures or Images)
The National Inventor Fraud Center USPTO Deposit Library program  (e.g. Merriot Library on U of U campus)
MIT / Lemelson Foundation site Canadian patent database
space keeper World Intellectual Property Organization  (search form for International patent applications)
Complaint Forms Delphion Patent Server  (formerly IBM in-house database, now world-wide)
USPTO Complaint form for fraudulent invention promotion The Software Patent Institute
FTC on-line complaint form BountyQuest  (requests/rewards for prior art)

Helpful software
Medical Informatics Engineering Free TIFF file format viewer for PC (AlternaTIFF browser plug-in)
Cartesian Products, Inc. Free TIFF file format viewer for PC (CPC Lite browser plug-in)
Apple Computer, Inc. Free TIFF file format viewer for MAC (Quicktime 4.1)
Adobe Systems, Inc. Free PDF file format viewer (Acrobat Reader)
Mozilla Free FireFox browser upgrades
Microsoft Corp. Free Internet Explorer browser upgrades
Disclaimer: Inventor Services, LLC provides these software links solely for the convenience of members of the public who may need to access documents offered in these formats on the World Wide Web.  All technical support for these products must be obtained from their respective companies.  Inventor Services, LLC does not endorse these companies' products nor the accuracy of any information presented on their web sites.  All brand and product names are trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks of their respective companies.

Links for business advice and funding, societies, organizations  (primarily in Utah)
Northfront Entrepreneur Alliance Learn, network, share ideas, find needed resources, and recognize accomplishments Seminars, networking, contests
Davis Applied Technology College A conference (possibly annual) designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs
Utah Department of Commerce Business registration information
Utah Business Entity Search Verify your business name is available
The Economic Development Corporation of Utah Business assistance resources
Small Business Administration Business assistance resources
Utah Small Business Development Centers Business assistance resources
Business Information Center Business assistance resources
Utah Office of Technology Development Business assistance resources
Utah Department of Community and Economic Development Business assistance resources
Service Corps of Retired Executives Management expertise (Free)
Women's Business Center Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Business assistance resources
Industrial Assistance Fund Loans/grants
Utah Technology Finance Corporation Venture capital
Deseret Certified Development Company SBA 504 loans
National Association of Women Business Owners Networking, support, information
NIST Advanced Technology Program Cost-share funding of early-stage R&D
Utah Microenterprise Loan Fund Small loans (up to $10,000.00)
Concept to Company support for Utah's entrepreneurial innovators, contests
Invented in Utah Annual symposiums

If you insist on applying for a patent on your own...
Patent It Yourself
by David Pressman
A reputedly comprehensive book, approximately $40 + $4 S&H.  Recommended by several sources as the best reference to help inventors draft their own patent applications.  It won't hurt you to be familiar with the patent application process, even if you do employ patent counsel to draft and file your application.  You can save money and improve the quality of your patent by providing your patent representative with a comprehensive disclosure and prior art search results.
MPEP The Manual of Patent Examination Procedures that is used by the Examiners at the USPTO.   Download for free and read on your computer screen with a browser.  (Our office hard copy fills three 3-ring binders).  You will need to have this reference to interpret the communications (Office Actions) you will receive from the USPTO.


It is quite possible for an independent person to file a "homemade" patent application and even be granted a patent.  However, the likelihood is that the most important part of the patent, the claims, will be deficient.  The old adage may prove true; you get what you pay for.  If you only want an "ego" patent, perhaps preparing and filing your own patent application will provide additional gratification.  However, if you truly need patent protection to provide commercial protection from your competitors, you will be well served to hire competent professional patent counsel.


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