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We make every effort to provide cost-effective patent counsel to our clients.  Our preferred approach minimizes a client's costs in the event patent protection is not available.  At the same time, we gain insight into the likely maximum available patent position.

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Patentability Searching

It is recommended that you try to find all of the "prior art" which can be asserted by the USPTO to prevent you from being awarded a patent.  The Examiner who reviews your patent application will try to find sufficient prior art to show that your invention is either anticipated, or obvious, in view of one or more patents or other references.  A good place to start your search is to review the patents that have been issued.  You can visit a USPTO Deposit Library, or search the US patent database on-line at http://uspto.gov.  Some links to on-line search resources are found on our LINKS page.  If you are confident that your invention is quite different from anything else, perhaps you can procede directly to filing of a patent application.  If you are not sure of the quality of your search, you may want to have a professional search done for you.

Our professional patent search typically includes a combination of electronic and manual search methods.  The search will examine the entire US patent database, (including both utility and design patents) and also the PCT database.  Frequently, actual Examiners from the USPTO will be contacted for additional insight and to ensure a complete and accurate search is carried out.  We use independent, full-time searchers to avoid any potential conflict of interest.  Such searchers are experienced in their fields, and include degreed mechanical, chemical and electrical engineers.

One goal of the search is to verify that no one has previously patented your invention.   However, even an extensive search may not turn up all the prior art.  For example, there is a chance that a patent may be pending in the system and unavailable for our review.  None-the-less, the search will indicate the extent of prior art and allow you to determine the likelihood that you may obtain a patent.  Search results may also present prior art around which claims must be cast to obtain your maximum patent protection.  For this search we receive a set search fee.  We do not issue guarantees of patentability; you must make your own decision concerning the patentability of your invention after reviewing the search results.  However, we provide our experience and insight to guide you in making such a determination.

In general, a report containing our conclusions and detailing the search results will be delivered within two to three weeks following receipt of the search retainer fee.   The report will typically focus on novel aspects of your invention in view of the discovered documents.   A determination as to whether your invention is "obvious" is typically not made.   In part, that is because we can not know what secondary considerations may apply at some time in the future.   However, if it is easily discovered that an Examiner should be expected to assert a rejection on grounds of "obviousness", that will be mentioned in the report.

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