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Many independent inventors are unaware of critical information required to make informed decisions and best develop their invention and business.

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Business Development Advice

Inventor Services provides links to information located on certain other web sites to help inventors decide upon the most effective business structure for deployment of their invention.  Perhaps you desire to set up your own development company.  The form of company you set up can have a significant impact upon your personal liability.  Additionally, the company form will determine how taxes are levied.  The benefits of incorporation in one of the available forms: LLC, Inc., DBA, etc. should be considered.  The trade-off between personal liability and tax consequences should be evaluated.  Alternatively, or in addition, inventors may desire to license or subcontract further development or commercialization of their invention.  Also, di Viti Investment Company may assist its clients in the business development process.

Links to selected web sites having information about business development are provided on Inventor Services' LINKS page.  Please e-mail any requests or suggestions for additional information by clicking on the "e-mail us..." link, or, on the envelope button.

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