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We make every effort to provide cost-effective patent counsel to our clients.  Obtaining a patent is, none-the-less, expensive.  It is important to have an understanding of all of the costs that may be expected from filing, through issue of your application as a patent, and also maintaining your patent until it expires.

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Our Fees and Billing Procedure

Many great inventions are relatively simple ideas, easily described and patented.  These "simple" inventions are sometimes referred to as "gadget" type inventions for purposes of pricing our work.  Gadget type inventions are generally less expensive to patent.  (Price estimates quoted on this site generally represent more complex cases from our work history).  However, we are happy to provide free, firm fixed cost, no obligation, estimates for projects of any complexity.

We typically allocate one hour to meet with the inventor, discuss the invention, and formulate the quote - all at no cost or obligation to the inventor.  We are willing to work with you, to the extent possible, to minimize your costs.  For example, if you desire to make your own patent drawings, we can tell you what is required for their format.  Our charges are based entirely upon the time spent on your project - reduce the time required, and your costs will be less.

Our "Typical" Fee Schedule
Patent novelty search



Assignment of application or patent $120 + PTO Fees
Utility patent application $4,000 + PTO Fees + Drawings
Design patent application $500 + PTO Fees + Drawings
Provisional patent application $1,500 + PTO Fees + Drawings
Followup patent work (Office Actions) TBD, can be $500 to $1,500 each
Patent Drawings $75 and up per page
Legal services Recommend referral only
Selected USPTO Fees
(Small Entity)
- as of October 2, 2008 -
Recording Assignment $40
Filing utility patent $545
Filing design patent $230
Appeal $540
Extensions of time
(in general, you can
avoid these fees)
1,2,3 months
Issue Fee, Design $430
Issue Fee, Utility $755
Maintenance, 3.5 yr $490
Maintenance, 7.5 yr $1,240
Maintenance, 11.5 yr $2,055
Complete listing of all USPTO Fees for Fiscal Year 2006 (should open in new window)

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