Ogg invents the wheel

Don't force your client to pay extension fees!  As a registered patent agent, Brian C. Trask, PE is happy to help solve your Firm's patent related overflow work problems. 

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Overflow Work 

Perhaps your Firm is swamped with work and needs some help to catch up, but you don't want to hire a permanent agent or associate.  Brian C. Trask, PE will be pleased to provide high-quality, timely, responses to Office Actions.  You may determine the budget for each such project, or request a free quote.  In a typical arrangement, a Firm might invoice a client showing Brian's work product as a vendor's direct cost, and add an additional amount, or a percentage, to cover the Firm's overhead and/or proffit.  Of course, any time spent reviewing Brian's work is billed by the reviewer at their normal billing rate for such a task. 

An abridged case file history will be required for a careful response to each Office Action.  Digital copies of the as-filed application, as well as any prior amendments made in the case, can be delived to Inventor Services' office on 3-1/2" disks, or by e-mail.  It is recommended that confidential files be password protected for secure transfer over the internet.  Drawings can be delivered by FAX, or as scanned images attached to an e-mail message.  It is preferred that copies of cited references are delivered by regular mail.  If your Firm is located in Salt Lake Valley, Brian is happy to visit your Office to pick up and drop off projects. 

Brian is also available to help your Firm prepare Appeal Briefs, patent applications, and patent infringement analysis reports; conduct research for patent litigation; and perform any other support work in connection with patent practice in front of the USPTO. 

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